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Contour Marker Standard
SKU: T101

The Curv-O-Mark Contour Marker is a compact, time-saving tool used to lay out pipe and structural steel joints. Laterals at any angle, tees, wyes, crosses, elbows-any type or size of joint can be quickly and precisely laid out. No more complicated mathematical formulas. No more cut and try. No more needless material waste.#1 Contour Marker Standard

The Contour Marker can be used to lay out pipe from 1-1/2 to 18 in. diameter, or structural steel members up to 18 in. The Contour Marker consists of an X-shaped frame, calibrated protractor, and a triple jointed marking arm and holder. The holder accepts a soapstone crayon (included), felt pen or pencil. The frame easily folds into a compact toolkit. It can be used right side up or upside down, depending on the direction of the line to be scribed The protractor is calibrated on both sides-one in degrees, the other in rise inches-per-foot-to service any type of measurement need. The unit comes with a Structural Adaptor designed to simplify the layout of structural joints, including l-beams, angles, channels, square tubing and similar shapes.

The optional T102 Combination Adaptor Accessory allows the Contour Marker to lay out joints on larger size pipe, as well as scribe compound angles with just one setting. The Contour Marker is made from durable, lightweight aluminum. It requires minimal maintenance, only occasional oiling of the joints, to provide long service life.

Our price: $159.99 (€140.79)

Combination Adapter Std.
SKU: T102
The optional Combination Adaptor Accessory allows the Contour Marker to lay out joints on larger size pipe, as well as scribe compound angles with just one setting. The Contour Marker is made from durable, lightweight aluminum. It requires minimal maintenance, only occasional oiling of the joints, to provide long service life.
Our price: $42.99 (€37.83)

Contour Marker Jumbo
SKU: T104
A larger version of the Contour Marker, The Jumbo Contour MarkerTM (JCM) has been developed for use in the layout of large diameter pipe, from 8 to 48 inch With its Structural Adapter, the JCM can be used in the layout of extremely large structural steel members up to 48 inch wide. The JCM comes complete with a durable web strap that helps hold the unit in place during layout. A built-in adjustable dial bubble protractor ensures accurate center line location. A soapstone crayon is included. Like the standard model, the JCM's capability can be increased with the Combination Adaptor Accessory.
Our price: $370.99 (€326.47)

Combination Adapter Jumbo
SKU: T105
Designed for use with the Standard and Jumbo Contour Markers, the Adaptor simplifies handling and increases layout capacity. The Adaptor permits use of all four sides the Contour Marker and permits marking on small diameter pipe, over nipples, old welds or on wrapped pipe. The Adaptor can also provide layouts with compound angles using a single setting or any degree of take-off on elbows and turns up to 90 degrees. #4 Contour Marker Jumbo
Our price: $77.99 (€68.63)

Centering Head - Standard
SKU: T106

#6 Centering Head Standard 4″ Y-type head and an adjustable dial bubble protractor (DSL)

Made of aluminum with a hardened steel pin. It has a 4″ angle spread (Y-spread) and can be used from 1/2″ and larger. It is used most often for finding top dead center or bottom dead center on pipe. You can use it to find the location of other ordinate lines on the sides or at different angles. Once you have established these points you strike the pin with your hammer.

The dial-level combination can be repaired using T145 Dial Level Combination.
Our price: $83.99 (€73.91)

Jumbo Centering Head
SKU: T107

#7 Jumbo Centering Head
The Jumbo Centering Head (shown to the left) is for pipe 1″ diameter and up.
It has an 8″ Y-type head, and an adjustable dial bubble protractor (DSL).
A spring loaded hardened centering pin eliminates the need for a hammer.
Just make the alignment and press the trigger.

The dial-level combination can be repaired using T145 Dial Level Combination.
Our price: $131.99 (€116.15)

Pro-Mag Level
SKU: T108

#8 Pro-Mag Level 9” long, 2” high, 3/4” thick

A lightweight, easy to use tool for determining angles, the Pro-Mag Level has two cast-in 25-pound pull magnets that hold securely to any steel surface. The unit has a 360-degree adjustable DSL with two 90-degree quadrants graduated in 2-1/2-degree increments. Also cast in are tables used to convert degree-of-angle to rise-in-inches-per-foot or millimeters-per meter. A groove on the bottom edge permits use on a small pipe.

Our price: $77.99 (€68.63)

Universal Level
SKU: T109

#33 Universal Level-Two hole pins fit between 2 1/4” to 8” centers on flanges.

The Curv-O-Mark® Universal Level is a multi-purpose tool. The unit features a 360° adjustable protractor dial bubble (DSL) that ensures accurate leveling and permits the following additional uses: ° Setting a predetermined pitch of a string of pipe ° Setting the angle of laterals to a precise degree ° Trueing vertical runs ° Two-holing flanges The Level has two cast-in 25-pound magnets (exerting a 50-pound pull) to securely hold the unit in place on any steel surface, including the underside of a pipe or beam. This permits hands-free leveling, a welcome aid in tight spots. And, since the bubble is mounted on a protractor dial, the Level may be used in any position and still read accurately. While one face of the Level is magnetic, both faces have deep, cast-in grooves that make the Level self-centering on the contour of the pipe. Because the magnets are cast in, they do not interfere with the use of the Level on non magnetic materials, such as aluminum, copper, lumber, stone or other materials requiring leveling. For aligning pipe flanges (two-holing), the Level comes with a two-threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units. These are designed to fit any size bolt hole spaced between 2-1/4 in. to 8-in. centers on flanges. This permits the orientation of flange bolt holes for any size pipe. Designed primarily for pipefitting applications, the Universal Level is a valuable tool for any craft required to use a level or a plumb bob: ° For structural ironworkers, the powerful holding magnets provide an extra hand ° Electricians will find the Level useful in laying out and lining up heavy conduit ° With the aid of a handy conversion chart, carpenters can use the Level for the layout of roof rafters A built-in adjustable dial bubble protractor ensures accurate centerline location. A cast-in table indicates rise per foot in both inches and meters. A cast-in grooves makes the level self centering on the contour of pipe. Two-holing is simplified with the Universal Level. Self-aligning spacer bolt units are attached in the two adjacent bolt holes at the top or bottom of the flange With the DSL dial set at O degrees, the flange is rotated until the bubble is centered. If adjacent top or bottom holes cannot be used, two-holing can be achieved using side bolt holes. In this instance, the DSL dial is set at 90 degrees and the flange is rotated until bubble is centered. Bolt holes that are offset can be matched by setting the DSL at the desired offset angle prior to rotating the flange.
Our price: $131.99 (€116.15)

Pipe Flange Aligner Std.
SKU: T110

#10 Pipe Flange Aligner Standard Adjustable for pipes/flanges ranging from 3-12” diameter.

Fast, accurate pipe construction is possible with this self-determining flange aligning tool. The Aligner inserts easily into pipe, centers snugly against the inside pipe diameter and automatically aligns with the pipe axis. The Pipe Flange Aligner is quickly adjustable for all types of flanges or pipe sizes ranging from 3 to 12 in. diameter. #10 Pipe Flange Aligner Std
Our price: $113.99 (€100.31)

Dial-Angle Flange Level
SKU: T111
A versatile tool that can be used as a dial degree utility level or, with attachments, for two-holing flange alignment. The unit is made of cast aluminum with a protective housing containing an adjustable DSL. It is also fitted with a threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units for fastening the Level to a pipe flange. One of the nut and bolt units is stationary, while the other slides up to 5-1/2 in. along a slot in the level to accommodate various flange bolt hole spacings from 2 to 5-1/2 inches. The body of the tool is 1/2-in. thick with a machined surface. The level bubble is protected from weld splatter and breakage with a built-in housing around the DSL #20 Dial-Angle-Flange Level
Our price: $102.99 (€90.63)

Flange Aligner Base
SKU: T112

Remove the difficulty of flange aligning and squaring with a simple tool that holds a square in the needed position without tying up one's hands.
The Curv-O-Mark Aligner Base is notched at either end for ease in aligning on the centerline of the pipe and has two 25-pound pull, cast-in magnets for holding either a flat horizontal or vertical position.
The Base will accept either leg of a standard or combination square and will work on pipe diameters from 1 in. on up, requiring only the extension of the legs of the square being used to accommodate larger diameters.
Works on pipe from 1” on up.

#32 Flange Aligner Base
Our price: $118.99 (€104.71)

Radius Marker Jumbo
SKU: T114

Models are available in four sizes for scribing circles up to 80-in. diameter.
All are a folding type design-the three smaller models will fit conveniently into a shirt pocket.
All have sturdy friction joints to maintain rigidity and accuracy, and are made from lightweight, rustproof aluminum for long wear.
A soapstone crayon is already installed in each radius marker.

Our price: $63.99 (€56.31)

Circle-Ellipse Projector
SKU: T115

Perfect circles, ellipses or oblong circles can now be easily made on any irregular flat or round surface. The Projector features a protractor with sliding rods and an adjustable lever to lock in the specified layout. A strong, 20-pound pull magnetic base holds the Projector in position during layout. A durable web strap (included) holds the unit secure on non magnetic surfaces and can be used on either side of the vertical column. The Projector can also be used to lay out lateral intersections of different diameter pipes, or to project circles from 1-1/2 to 18 in. diameter on flat surfaces intersecting at angles from 0 to 70 degrees from vertical. Attachments to develop larger diameter circles are available. The Projector is equipped with a soapstone crayon and also works with chalk, pencil or steel scribe.

#14 Circle-Ellipse Projector
Our price: $363.99 (€320.31)

Trammel Head Set
SKU: T117
Trammel points are the most accurate means of drawing arcs and circles because you can lock the radius tight. You also will save a lot of room in your tool box by taking just the points around since you can use any standard 1/2-in. pipe or conduit that you can find on any job site to create the radius you need. The heads feature radius set points cast in alignment with marking pointers for easy setting. Each is equipped with 1/4-in. screws and squared on the back side for perpendicular alignment. The stationary head holds a 1/4 in. case hardened center point. The moveable head has a 1/8-in. steel scribe hardened to 59 Rockwell.

The chalk holder will accept round, square or flat soapstone crayon, pencil or steel point scribe. Marks from 1-1/2-in. circle to any diameter needed, depending on length of pipe used as a trammel bar. You can attach several lengths of pipe or conduits together to form very large arcs.
Heads are made from durable aluminum. Each set weighs approximately 8 oz. An Allen wrench, soapstone, scribe and pointer are included #19 Multi-Trammel Heads (Set)
Our price: $44.99 (€39.59)

Radius Marker Mini
SKU: T118

Marks circles up to 16″
Made from Lightweight Aluminum

Our price: $25.99 (€22.87)

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