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Pocket Pro Level
SKU: F122

Dial is in 2 1/2 degree increments

Our price: $58.29 (€51.30)
Market price: $71.24 , save 18%

Accessory Degree Level
SKU: F123

2 3/8″ Long and 1 1/2″ Wide
Marked in 2 1/2° increments, numbered at every 10°

Our price: $37.95 (€33.40)
Market price: $45.46 , save 17%

Standard Pocket Level
SKU: F137

This 9.0' long x 1.5' wide magnetic level has three-position leveling that can be viewed clearly from almost any angle.

Our price: $33.03 (€29.07)
Market price: $41.03 , save 19%

Pro-Mag Level
SKU: T108

#8 Pro-Mag Level 9” long, 2” high, 3/4” thick

A lightweight, easy to use tool for determining angles, the Pro-Mag Level has two cast-in 25-pound pull magnets that hold securely to any steel surface. The unit has a 360-degree adjustable DSL with two 90-degree quadrants graduated in 2-1/2-degree increments. Also cast in are tables used to convert degree-of-angle to rise-in-inches-per-foot or millimeters-per meter. A groove on the bottom edge permits use on a small pipe.

Our price: $67.99 (€59.83)
Market price: $78.25 , save 13%

Universal Level
SKU: T109

#33 Universal Level-Two hole pins fit between 2 1/4” to 8” centers on flanges.

The Curv-O-Mark® Universal Level is a multi-purpose tool. The unit features a 360° adjustable protractor dial bubble (DSL) that ensures accurate leveling and permits the following additional uses: ° Setting a predetermined pitch of a string of pipe ° Setting the angle of laterals to a precise degree ° Trueing vertical runs ° Two-holing flanges The Level has two cast-in 25-pound magnets (exerting a 50-pound pull) to securely hold the unit in place on any steel surface, including the underside of a pipe or beam. This permits hands-free leveling, a welcome aid in tight spots. And, since the bubble is mounted on a protractor dial, the Level may be used in any position and still read accurately. While one face of the Level is magnetic, both faces have deep, cast-in grooves that make the Level self-centering on the contour of the pipe. Because the magnets are cast in, they do not interfere with the use of the Level on non magnetic materials, such as aluminum, copper, lumber, stone or other materials requiring leveling. For aligning pipe flanges (two-holing), the Level comes with a two-threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units. These are designed to fit any size bolt hole spaced between 2-1/4 in. to 8-in. centers on flanges. This permits the orientation of flange bolt holes for any size pipe. Designed primarily for pipefitting applications, the Universal Level is a valuable tool for any craft required to use a level or a plumb bob: ° For structural ironworkers, the powerful holding magnets provide an extra hand ° Electricians will find the Level useful in laying out and lining up heavy conduit ° With the aid of a handy conversion chart, carpenters can use the Level for the layout of roof rafters A built-in adjustable dial bubble protractor ensures accurate centerline location. A cast-in table indicates rise per foot in both inches and meters. A cast-in grooves makes the level self centering on the contour of pipe. Two-holing is simplified with the Universal Level. Self-aligning spacer bolt units are attached in the two adjacent bolt holes at the top or bottom of the flange With the DSL dial set at O degrees, the flange is rotated until the bubble is centered. If adjacent top or bottom holes cannot be used, two-holing can be achieved using side bolt holes. In this instance, the DSL dial is set at 90 degrees and the flange is rotated until bubble is centered. Bolt holes that are offset can be matched by setting the DSL at the desired offset angle prior to rotating the flange.
Our price: $110.95 (€97.64)
Market price: $132.60 , save 16%

Dial-Angle Flange Level
SKU: T111
A versatile tool that can be used as a dial degree utility level or, with attachments, for two-holing flange alignment. The unit is made of cast aluminum with a protective housing containing an adjustable DSL. It is also fitted with a threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units for fastening the Level to a pipe flange. One of the nut and bolt units is stationary, while the other slides up to 5-1/2 in. along a slot in the level to accommodate various flange bolt hole spacings from 2 to 5-1/2 inches. The body of the tool is 1/2-in. thick with a machined surface. The level bubble is protected from weld splatter and breakage with a built-in housing around the DSL #20 Dial-Angle-Flange Level
Our price: $88.99 (€78.31)
Market price: $103.22 , save 14%

Mini Mag Torpedo Level
SKU: V361

Compact and lightweight design
Z-Axis bubble Pod for a multi directional leveling
V-Groove for attachment to round objects
4 magnets for a strong attachment
Constructed of anodized aluminum
Overall size is 4″ x 1¼″ x 1″

Our price: $29.35 (€25.83)
Market price: $31.35 , save 6%

Magnetic Torpedo Level
SKU: V362

Can help you level on 90° or 45°
4 magnets for strong attachment to metals
V-Groove on one side for work on round surfaces
Body Constructed from anodized aluminum
Overall size is 7″ x 1¼″ x 1″

Our price: $33.20 (€29.22)
Market price: $35.20 , save 6%

Mag-Level w/ 70 lbs. Pull
SKU: V364

Magnets have a 70 lbs. pull
Can be used as a square and level in one
Has on/off switch for magnets
Overall Size: 4″ x 16″ x 1″

Our price: $50.60 (€44.53)
Market price: $54.60 , save 7%

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