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Modern Methods of Pipe Fabrication
SKU: A110

Publication Date: 1995 / Revised 2002
Book Size: 4.5 x 6
Pages: 109
Edition: 12th
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Bowman

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

I like Mr. Bowman's books. Sometimes he explains parts of pipefitting the way you think it has to be but have never seen it in words and other times he shows how to solve problems you startout wishing you had never seen but once you work one of them, you hope you get such a problem because you know how to work it. Most of all he show how to think about solutions. Look at some of these solutions in the table of contents when you click "See Details".

Our price: $9.50 (€8.36)

Pipe Fabricator's Blue Book
SKU: A112

Publication Date: 1973
Book Size: 4 x 6
Pages: 175
Edition: revised
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Graves

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

This is W.V. Graves's pipe fabricator's book. It is a companion to his Pipe Fitter's Blue Book (A102). This book covers the measuring, marking, and cutting of pipe to make pipe turns and intersections. This book, like the two other fabrication books we sell, contains lots of charts of numbers. Clink the link for "See Details" to see the "Table of Contents" for this fine book.

Our price: $22.50 (€19.80)

Ordinates for 1000 Pipe Intersections
SKU: A113

Publication Date: 1977 / Revised 2002
Book Size: 4.5 x 6
Pages: 64
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Bowman

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

Pipe fabrication books are often just page after page of charts of numbers. This book is no different because it provides you with the ordinate numbers you need to precisely mark the pipe or template material for the intersections you will need most times. For the table of contents, Click "See Details".

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Fishmouth Pipe Template Measures
SKU: A114

Publication Date: 1979
Book Size: 4 x 7
Pages: 262
Edition: 1st
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Fucciani

All charts for fishmouths/oridnates in this book go from 1"42"

Most of the authors of our pipe fitting books have passed on. Mr. James Fucciani is alive and well and his story is quite astonishing. I hope I get it right since he is around to correct me. He started as a plumber but somehow got involved with pipe fabrication. Like everyone, he hated having to grind on the branch pipes so much so he decided to learn how to layout and cut the pipe precisely. He taught himself how to be extremely precise with the fabrications but to get there he had to teach himself the math it took to do the calculations—so he did. Lucky for us, he thought that he ought to write all the numbers down for others then have it published. 

Now like the rest of the piping authors though the years, he found that publishing houses seldom knew anything about publishing books full of numbers for people in trades that they had not ever heard of in the first place. So it was up to him to publish but it needed to be typesetted. When he heard the price for the typesetting he somehow understood that his wife, Pat, probably would not go for that so he drew the lines for the charts and handwrote every number. They are quite legible and easy to read. One of the aspects of the book that fitters really like is the ordinates go up to 42". Not all fab books go that far.

There's more—personal computers were just coming out and he thought that the calculations would be easier on a computer so he asked around about a computer class and found that the University of Maine had one but as he listened to all the technical academic language, he realized that an academic class wasn't for him. Later he bought an early PC at a yard sale or somewhere and took it home. He taught himself "Basic" programming language so he could write the program in "DOS" he thought would work.

He wrote that program and a book to go with it and he kept it updated with the new operating systems as they came along until they switched from "DOS" and it would not print out the results of the calculations except through "Screen Print". He told me that he was getting too old to keep up with the computer industry and Moore's Law. One of the real beauties of the program was that you did not have to worry about schedules or wall thickness because you entered the inside diameters and the outside diameters of the pipes. This meant that you could go up to whatever size pipe with whatever wall thickness you wanted.

It is an amazing story and I was lucky enough to hear from him. Click "See Details" to see all of the types of fabrications he wrote those numbers for one by one.

Our price: $20.00 (€17.60)

Pipe Template Layout
SKU: A116

Publication Date: 1967
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 81
Edition: 1st
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Frankland

This is Mr. Thomas Frankland's drawing book for pipe fabrication. Many people avoid using math as much as possible. Drawing intersections, miter joints, orangle peels and other fabrication is one way of avoiding math. It has another benefit in that you actually can see how the pipe fits together. You can draw them to size for the smaller pipe or draw them to scale for the larger pipe. It is interesting to see an odd angle intersection or dead leg drawn out on a full sheet of plywood—then cut precisely.

For Table of contents (A list of fabrication drawings), click "See Details".

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