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Pipe Layout


Blue Book of Fitter's Welder's Pattern & Layout Manual
SKU: A111

Publication Date: 1989 / Revised 1997
Book Size: 4 x 5.25
Pages: 137
Edition: 10th
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Thorsness

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.


The contents of this handbook pertains mostly to pipe fabrication, "PATTERNS". It is felt there is a great need for pattern knowledge in the form of an easily carried hand-book, Where accuracy in fabrication is required. especially in stainless steel piping, the development of patterns is recommended. Special effort has been put forth to simplify the method used in making these patterns. Therefore with a small amount of study and a few needed tools such as a divider and a "T" Square, efficiency may soon be achieved. In learning to develop these patterns, it is suggested the beginner start with Figures 1-A, to "5" inclusive. Use material large enough to accommodate the drawing as shown in Figure #1. Thio sketch io a completion of figures 1-A to five (5). Figures 6-7-8 and 9 may be an aid in pattern development, as it is a necessity to divide quarter circles into equal parts. First learn to do this, then complete patterns of figure #1 several times. Each effort will become easier. Learn to draw these first two patterns and no trouble will be had with the others in this Book.

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Pipe Template Layout
SKU: A116

Publication Date: 1967
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 81
Edition: 1st
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Frankland

This is Mr. Thomas Frankland's drawing book for pipe fabrication. Many people avoid using math as much as possible. Drawing intersections, miter joints, orangle peels and other fabrication is one way of avoiding math. It has another benefit in that you actually can see how the pipe fits together. You can draw them to size for the smaller pipe or draw them to scale for the larger pipe. It is interesting to see an odd angle intersection or dead leg drawn out on a full sheet of plywood—then cut precisely.

For Table of contents (A list of fabrication drawings), click "See Details".

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Pipe Layout Helps
SKU: A124

Publication Date: 1953
Book Size: 3 x 4.5
Pages: 76
Edition: 6th
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Hart

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

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