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90 Tru-Angle
SKU: V307

Accurate 90 Fixture
Weld Spatter proof
High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Holds: round, square, flat and angled shapes
Works for inside or outside surfaces

Our price: $45.20 (€39.78)
Market price: $47.20 , save 4%

Single Handed JointMaster
SKU: V347

Ideal for quick hold and release on metal, wood & synthethic materials
A "helping hand" to hold stock firmly at right angles while creating or repairing permanent joints
PL Series comes with 1 pair of pliers

Our price: $27.15 (€23.89)
Market price: $29.15 , save 7%

90 Degree Fixed JointMaster
SKU: V348

Retractable plate for edge alignment
V-Grooves for holding round pieces
Ideal for holding two pieces of different thicknesses that require individual adjustments
This comes as a set of Two Pliers and screw on Braces

Our price: $40.63 (€35.75)
Market price: $44.63 , save 9%

Adjustable JointMaster
SKU: V349

Adjustable from 30 - 275
Adjust to the desired angle & "lock" into position with the handle
Join round & flat workpieces, or aterials with different thicknesses
This set comes with two pliers and an adjustable screw on bracket

Our price: $46.51 (€40.93)
Market price: $47.51 , save 2%

Spring Arm JointMaster
SKU: V350

A quick way to hold workpieces at 90
Capable of holding a 3-axis workpiece by adding a V300
Wide opening offers unobstructed welding access

Our price: $34.18 (€30.08)
Market price: $35.18 , save 3%

Grasshopper Econo
SKU: V359

Use these "fingers" to steady parts for welding
Folds up to make it easy to store

Our price: $18.95 (€16.68)
Market price: $19.95 , save 5%

Grasshopper Pro Model
SKU: V360

Use these "fingers with brass tips" to steady small parts for welding
Attached clip can help hold oddly shaped items being welded
Folds up easy storage
Has copper braiding attached to ground objects while working
Spring Clip + Grounding Ribbon + 3 Brass Tips

Our price: $22.95 (€20.20)
Market price: $24.95 , save 8%

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