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Great Sale on Fitter Grips

Now at a low, low price of only $54.95 vs the manufacturers price of $69.95. Only while supplies last! (Price shown is in US Dollars)

fitter grips

New Digital Centering Punch from Sumner
This all new Digital Centering Head has a digital face to give you accurate readings for the angle of the pipe. The face is detachable and magnetic to make it easier to use to find the angle of smaller diameter pipe. It is made from a lightweight yet durable aluminum so it will not rust. The body and the gauge both are magnetic so it will stay on the pipe with ease. Welcome to the new age of centering heads with the: Digital Centering Head.

Digital Centering Head

Flash Cards for Pipe!
The book covers for Fitter Facts are kinda funky but the content of the inside are just right for learning or refreshing your knowledge of pipefitting info. The first page gives you a question about pipe fitting then you flip the page and above the next question is the answer for the question on the previous page. You can use them to study for tests or just keep yourself fresh by looking through the three books.

Fitter Facts First Period

Fitter Facts Second Period

Fitter Facts Third Period

Fitter Facts

Ultra Qwik Clamps are here!
We now have Sumner Manufacturing's new "Qwik" Clamps. It's the same Clamps you know and love by Sumner, but better. With the new "Qwik" Mechanism you can get the job done quicker with the same accuracy as before. With just the push of a button you can slide the threaded rod to open and close the clamp, no more senseless turning. Just one turn to tighten onto the pipe and voila!

Check one out now!

Ultra Qwik

Now Arrived!
We have in more products from Strong Hand Tools. We have more accessories for the Utility Clamps, the larger size Shark Clamp, a very useful item known as the "Magnetic Nut and Bolt Holder" that attaches to wrenches and hex wrenches to assist with those hard-to-reach jobs. Also we have Snake Magnets of two different sizes (one with a 12" cable, the other an 18" cable).

Nut and Bolt    Snake Magnet    

These self-adjusting tip cleaners eliminate scratches and distortion on critical orifice walls. Twisters are easy- to-use and will have less breakage than ordinary cleaners. You can quickly repair and maintain all sizes of welding and cutting tips (both one and two piece) with this unique set.

Tip Cleaners

We were recently called about a new square that is great for many different jobs.

    This square can work for:
  • pipefitting
  • carpentry
  • steamfitting
  • ironworkers
  • fabricators
  • plumbers
  • ...and more.
Get one yourself and try it out!

Modified Square

My dad was an ag teacher so I grew up in a shop. I loved tools but he soon learned to keep folding rulers away from me. I thought I knew a lot about them until I got a call this week suggesting that we carry "Inside" Rulers. I thought Thomas Ford was pulling my leg. He assured me that he wasn't and gave me enough info to find them through my distributor. As you can see the folding part of the ruler is on the top as you measure. It is also called a lay flat ruler. I remember a bump knocking my folding rulers off the pipe and I remember wishin' and a hopin' that when I got down to it that it was still in one piece. Lay flat Inside Rulers make a lot of sense.

Lufkin Lay Flat Inside Folding Ruler

Lufkin Lay Flat Inside Folding Ruler

StrongHand Tools

For working with small pipe, these clamps and pliers come in really handy.

Pipe Pliers4 in 1 clamps

chain pliersShark Clamps


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