Construction Math Books written for the craftsman. These books have been used in classrooms and construction jobs all over the country. Math is one of skills that has to be learned in its natural order. It follows a sequence. You learn it in that order so you grasp the whole idea. Once you get the base, you can add to it. Know this, you are not going to remember all the math later but if you have the book to go back too, you will find what you need. 

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  • Math to Build On
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    Math to Build On

    If you are going to be excellent at a construction trade, you have to know the rules of math. You won't find a simpler way that it is presented. This book tells what the math is, shows you how to do it, shows you how to use the calculator to do, then how to apply it to your work. It has been used in apprenticeship classes, high school classes, college courses, and by literacy classes. 

    This construction math book was nicely reviewed by many fine magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Fine Homebuilding, Journal of Light Construction, Mathematic Teacher, Engineering News Record, American Welding Journal, Library Journal (Starred Review), and Booklist.

    Here is a link to see some of those reviews.  Reviews

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  • Pipe Fitter’s Math Guide
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    Pipe Fitter’s Math Guide

    This is the math of pipe fitting written as simply as it can be. All rules of thumbs and the trades secrets are based on math. A pipe fitter can be okay or pretty good without a strong math knowledge but he or she will never be excellent. Once learned this math can be used in any trade because the math doesn't change. Showing how to use the calculator makes it even better. This book not only contains the pipe fitting math formulas but teaches how to use them. Pipe Fitter's Math Guide was written to provide the math for pipefitters directly. It is about as straightforward as you can get.

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  • Pipe Layout Helps

    Pipe Layout Helps

    A fine little manual for your pocket. When it was first published, it was smaller so that it would fit in one's wallet. It was hard on the eyes especially old eyes so we made it a tad bit larger. Still it's a fine thing to keep in your pocket as you move around a job site. It has a lot of the information that you are going to need.

    Publication Date: 1953
    Book Size: 3 x 4.5
    Pages: 76
    Edition: 6th
    Cover: Soft Bound
    Author: Hart

    Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

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  • The Piping Guide for the Design and Drafting of Industrial Piping Systems
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    The Piping Guide for the Design and Drafting of Industrial Piping Systems

    Talk about a pipe design bible. This book has been used to teach generations of pipe designer and draftsmen. It tells you how to think about pipe layout then takes you through it. It is an odd book in that it goes from the front and from the back to the front. From thew front you learn about The equipment, fittings, valve, their organization and layout and the drafting and design. From the back you get the standards and codes that you need for the design.
    2nd Version 1991
    264 pages
    See the Table of Contents under the Details link

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