A welder had to tack some tube in a tight space but the fitter could not get in there and hold it for him so he made the first version of Fitter Grips and it has been around ever since. 

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  • Fitter Grips

    Fitter Grips

    This welder's pipe clamp was originally made by a welder for 4" (and smaller) pipes in very tight spaced coils. His fitter could not be in the same space so he made the first clamp. It was so useful that he started making some of the clamps for sale. Sometime later he put them in production and we began to offer them for sale as pipe welding clamps.
    This clamp will leave you hands free to work on adjusting high-lo.

    • $69.95
  • Fitter Grips Square
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    Fitter Grips Square

    This is the all new Fitter Grips Square! It is designed to work in unison with the Fitter Grips or as a standalone square. You can use it to square up 45° elbows and 90° elbows, as well as flanges for many pipe sizes. When used with the Fitter Grips, it works for pipe diameters 2"—4".

    • $65.00