Fitter Welder Protractor (Curv O Mark)

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5/8” by 10” tapered arm
Use for 90° branches and for 45° laterals
Graduated through 90°

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This 90-degree protractor has a matching locking lever to set and hold the tool at the desired angle. It is equipped with a 5/8 in. by 10 in. tapered arm to complete finding of angles or desired bends, or to determine any portions of elbows. The tool is mounted in a 3/4-in. wide frame with a 3/8-in. by 6-in. cast-in rod. It comes with a 25-pound pull magnetic base for holding the protractor frame in position. The unit can be used manually or with a magnetic base.

Manufacturer's Instructions
The Fitter-Weldor Protractor is a handy Curv-O-Mark© tool for use in making and checking angles, particularly in pipe layout. It is fitter with a magnetic base to provide adjustability to the protractor holder bar, a feature that allows for the necessary movement of the protractor extension arm.
The Fitter-Weldor Protractor may be used to determine the angle of take-off of a lateral, or it may be used to set a lateral at the proper angle for tacking prior to welding in place. Since the protractor is graduated through 90° and may also be set to determine rise in inches per foot a variety of determination may be made.
When it is desired to determine an intersecting angle at a distance from a specified point, a chalk line or cord may be tied into the hole at the end of the protractor extension arm so as to extend its usefulness. In this instance, the cord would be aligned with the member in question and the angle read from the protractor.
The magnet base of the Fitter-Weldor Protractor can be used as a "third" hand when it is not being used as a part of this tool. The magnet may be used to hold parts in place, serve as a holding fixture, or any number of purposes where a helping hand comes handy./p>

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