Pipe Fitter’s and Pipe Welder’s Handbook

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There are a few books called the Pipefitter's Bible—this is one of them. It has been around for a  long time. Mr Thomas W. Frankland wrote several pipe books. He belonged to Local 497 UA in Chicago and taught in the Washburne Trade School on West 31st Street. There are three books left in print— This one—A103, A104—Pipe Trades Pocket ManualA116—Pipe Template Layout.
Two of these are available into Spanish as well. A104 was translated into A238—Manual de Tuberia Comercial and A116—Pipe Template Layout into A239—Trazado De Plantilias para tubos.

Publication Date: 1984
Book Size: 3.75 x 5.25
Pages: 194
Edition: revised
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Frankland

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Table of Contents:

 Methods for Checking Arithmetical Problems
 Method for Checking Multiplication

Method for Checking Addition
Method for Checking Division
Square Root
Extracting Square Root
Solving Right Triangles with Square Root.
The Circle
 Solution of Right Triangles with Trigonometry

Functions of Angles
Finding Set, Run, and Travel
Finding Angles with Trigonometry
Pipe Bends
Simple Bends
Wrinkle Bends
Single Offset Bends
Double Offset Bends
Expansion Bends
Linear Expansion of Piping
 Capacities of Tanks

Rectangular Tanks
Cylindrical Tanks
Figuring the Approximate Capacity of Partly Filled Round Tanks
Elliptical Tanks Spheres
Frustum-Shaped Tanks
Figuring the Capacity of a Coal Bin
 Methods of Laying Out Angles
 Laying Out Angles with a Steel Square
 Simplified Method of Laying Out Angles with a Steel Square
 Laying Out Angles with a Two-Foot Rule
 Laying Out Angles with a Six-Foot Rule
 Method of Making a Square Method of Laying Out an Elliptical-Shaped Hole on Steel Plate
 Method of Laying Out Bolt Holes for Flanges
 Method of Laying Out Ring Gaskets
 Figuring Rod Lengths for U Bolts

Calculated 45° Offsets
 Simple Offsets Two-Pipe Equal-Spread Offsets

Two-Pipe 22 1/2° Equal-Spread Offset
Two-Pipe 30° Equal-Spread Offset
Two-Pipe 45° Equal-Spread Offset
Two-Pipe 60° Equal-Spread Offset
Pipe Offsets around Obstructions
Starting Point of a 45° Offset around a Square Obstruction
Starting Point of a 45° Offset around a Tank.
Three-Pipe 45° Equal-Spread Offset around a Tank
Two-Pipe 45° Equal-Spread Offset
Three-Pipe Equal-Spread Offset around a Square Obstruction
45° Unequal Spread Offsets
Offsetting Pipe around a Tank in a Corner Using 45° Fittings.
Special Offsets
 Tank Coils
 Rolling Offsets

Finding Travel and Run for a Rolling Offset
Simplified Method of Figuring a Rolling Offset.
 The Wrap Around
 Division of Pipe Surface into Four Equal Parts Turns

Formula for Angle of Cut
 Laying Out Cut Lines for a Two-Piece 90° Turn
 Laying Out Cut Lines for a Two-Piece 45° Turn
 Laying Out Cut Lines for a Four-Piece 90° Turn
 Determining the Length of Cut Pieces for a Three-Piece 90° Turn
 Determining the Length of Cut Pieces for a Four-Piece 90° Turn
 Determining the Length of Cut Pieces for Special Welded Turns
 Laying Out Cut Lines for Miter Turns on Large Pipe with 16 Divisions Tees

Full-Size Tee
Reducing Tee (First Method)
Reducing Tee (Second Method)
Full-Size Lateral
Reducing Lateral
True Y

Concentric Reducer
Eccentric Reducer.
Two-Cut Eccentric Reducer
Methods of Blanking Off Pipe
Orange Peel
Bull Plug
Full-Size Cross
Branch Pipe From Back of Welding Elbow
 Welded Offset Formula
 Welded Rolling Offsets
 Angle Iron Brackets
 30° x 60° Angle Iron Brackets
 45° Angle Iron Brackets
 Fabricating Fittings From 90° Welding Elbows
 Standard Cast-Iron Screwed Fittings

Steel Butt-Welding Fittings
Reducing Tees
Ring Gaskets for Companion Flanges
 Cast Iron Flanged Fittings

125 Pound Cast Iron Flanged Fittings
250 Pound Cast Iron Flanged Fittings
Standard Companion Flanges and Bolts
 Extra Heavy Companion Flanges and Bolts
 Drill Sizes for Pipe Taps

Tap and Drill Sizes (United States Standard)
Standard Pipe Data
Copper Tube-Type K
Copper Tube-Type L
Copper Tube-Type M
Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe (PVC) Normal Impact
Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe (PVC), High Impact
Support Spacing for Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe (PVC)
Bending Radius for Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe (PVC)
United States Standard Gauge for Sheet Steel
Useful Information on Various Materials
Boiling Points of Water at Various Pressures
Water Pressure in Pounds With Equivalent Heads
Heads of Water in Feet With Equivalent Pressures
Useful Information
Weights and Measures
Multipliers That Are Useful to the Trade
Decimal Equivalents of Fractions of an Inch
Minutes Converted to Decimals of a Degree
Inches Converted to Decimals of Feet
Circumferences and Areas of Circles
Squares, Cubes, and Square and Cube Roots
Trigonometry Table

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    Soft, Perfect Bound
  • Author
    Thomas Frankland
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