Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Cutting metal requires the metal to be heated up then literally blown away with some type of compressed air. With oxyacetylene torches, the oxygen used to make the flame hotter is also used to blow the heated metal away. With such high heat, it helps to have guides to keep the flames where they should be. These guides for oxyacetylene torches and plasma cutters could be of great help.

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  • Magnetic Torch Guide with On-Off Blocks (Flange Wizard)
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    Magnetic Torch Guide with On-Off Blocks (Flange Wizard)

    This Flange Wizard 24″ stainless steel straight edge rail has two (2) strong, heat resistant, adjustable, It has On and Off magnetic blocks that can also be used with framing or pipefitter squares. Use as a cutting guide for plasm cuts, oxy acetylene cuts  or just as a marking guide.

    • $87.50
  • Chariot Cutting Guide (Flange Wizard)
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    Chariot Cutting Guide (Flange Wizard)

    Wheels for oxyacetylene Torch

    Plated Steel Construction at heat stress points
    Universal bushing fits all conventional torches


    (Torch Not Included)

    • $80.25
  • Magnetic Circle Layout (Flange Wizard)
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    Magnetic Circle Layout (Flange Wizard)

    This Flange Wizard circle layout tool with sliding soapstone holder and 360° scale on the magnetic base will cut circles up to 30" in diameter. Bolt circles, hole locations, baffle plate placement, and circle sectioning for any number of reasons is a snap with flange wizard's layout scale and sliding soapstone holder. Use this same tool as a circle burning guide to cut a round plate. Simply place the sharpened pin of the layout tool into your center punch mark and let the magnet slide down to sit firmly on the work surface. The magnet is strong enough to support the weight of your torch, which frees your hands for more cutting control.

    Brass and Steel

    • $87.75
  • Circle Wiz (Flange Wizard)
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    Circle Wiz (Flange Wizard)

    Solid Brass and Steel construction
    This Flange Wizard Circle Wiz is great for hand cutting saddle cuts, weldolets, and threadolets

    • $56.25
  • Angle Burning Guide (Flange Wizard)
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    Angle Burning Guide (Flange Wizard)

    Cutting rail
    16" long stainless steel straight edge.

    • $94.75
  • Torch Tip Standoff (Flange Wizard)

    Torch Tip Standoff (Flange Wizard)

    Adjust the height of your torch tip and keep it there. with this Flange Wizard Torch Tip Standoff.  This little device will make your cuts much cleaner.

    • $17.73
  • Plasma Cutting Guide (Flange Wizard)
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    Plasma Cutting Guide (Flange Wizard)

    Holding a plasma cutter steady is a pretty important idea. The fact that you have a rolling or pivoting guide is a huge plus. It is also nice that you can disassemble it and pack it away when not using it is a big deal. Flange Wizard Plasma Cutting Guide will assist you in cutting holes from 5/8″ to 36″ in diameter.

    We need to know what brand plasma cutter you use and the model number to send the correct bushing with this unit.

    • $109.50
  • Plasma Wiz (Flange Wizard)
    • 7% less

    Plasma Wiz (Flange Wizard)

    Similar to the Flange Wizard Circle Wiz for the OxyAcetylene Torch but for Plasma Torches. Solid Brass and Steel frame and a bushing for different brands of plasma heads. We need to know the manufacturer and model number of your plasma torch so you will receive the correct bushing. This little tool make a huge difference in your ability to cut near perfect circles. 

    The "Flange Wizard Plasma Wiz" will cut holes from 5/8" in diameter To 8" diameter without any wheels. Plasma Wiz (Bushing Included).

    • $70.25
  • Plasma Beveling Yoke  (Flange Wizard)
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    Plasma Beveling Yoke (Flange Wizard)

    Accessory for the F110 Flange Wizard Plasma Cutting Guide. This little unit allows you to pivot the plasma cutting head while you follow the pattern with the guide.
    See detail for more views.
    The F110, F105, and F102 shown with the Yoke are sold separately.

    • $43.00
  • Magnetic Burning Guide (Curv-O-Mark)
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    Magnetic Burning Guide (Curv-O-Mark)

    30 lb pull cast-in magnets for use in any position.

    Designed for use with a burning torch or as a straight edge, the Curv-O-Mark Burning Guide is cast of strong, durable material to withstand heat and spatter. The tool's base has three 30-pound pull cast-in magnets for use in any position. A 24-in. blade on a raised plane is standard. #28 Magnetic Burning Guide

    • $81.75
  • Standard Burning Guide (Flange Wizard)
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    Standard Burning Guide (Flange Wizard)

    This Flange Wizard Standard Burning Guide is great for corners and tight spaces
    Fits any conventional torch

    It cuts beautiful circles and arcs. The wheel keeps it stable.
    Wheel can be adjusted 360° to follow straight edge along any side
    Wheel keeps just the right stand-off from the working surface

    • $68.25