Flange Tools

Flange Tools

There are a wide variety of Flange Line Up Tools. The most commonly known are two hole pins (also written as 2 hole pins). There are mini-pins, standard size two hole pins, and extra large two hole pins. We have Flange Aligners which have a level connecting the 2 hole pins, so you can level and plumb a flange at the same time. If you want a product to two hole large, heavy flanges, we have the Adjust-a Flange and the Adjust-a-Fit that can be attached to a crane.


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  • Adjust-a-Fit (Sumner Mfg)
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    Adjust-a-Fit (Sumner Mfg)

    Rated to 1000 lbs
    I really like this tool with pipe above 12". especially if you are in a valve pit or on a high line. You can level the face of elbows, tees, and (flanges too when used along with the S113 Adjust-a-Flange with this tool. It really makes the work much safer than trying to hand hold heavy fittings.

    S113 Adjust-a-Flange sold separately.

    • $314.25
  • Adjust-a-Flange (Sumner Mfg.)
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    Adjust-a-Flange (Sumner Mfg.)

    Rated to 1000lbs
    This Sumner tool will allow you to pick up a pretty heavy flange and it will be automatically two holed.
    If you use it with the S113 Adjust-a-Fit, it will level the face of the two-holed flange too. This combination makes working with heavy fittings and flanges a lot safer.

    • $217.50
  • Universal Level (Curv O Mark )
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    Universal Level (Curv O Mark )

    The Curv-O-Mark® Universal Level is a multi-purpose tool. The unit features a 360° adjustable protractor dial bubble (DSL) that ensures accurate leveling and permits the following additional uses: ° Setting a predetermined pitch of a string of pipe ° Setting the angle of laterals to a precise degree ° Trueing vertical runs ° Two-holing flanges The Level has two cast-in 25-pound magnets (exerting a 50-pound pull) to securely hold the unit in place on any steel surface, including the underside of a pipe or beam. This permits hands-free leveling, a welcome aid in tight spots. And, since the bubble is mounted on a protractor dial, the Level may be used in any position and still read accurately. While one face of the Level is magnetic, both faces have deep, cast-in grooves that make the Level self-centering on the contour of the pipe. Because the magnets are cast in, they do not interfere with the use of the Level on non magnetic materials, such as aluminum, copper, lumber, stone or other materials requiring leveling. For aligning pipe flanges (two-holing), the Level comes with a two-threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units. These are designed to fit any size bolt hole spaced between 2-1/4 in. to 8-in. centers on flanges. 

    • $130.50
  • Pipe Flange Aligner Std (Curv-O-Mark)
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    Pipe Flange Aligner Std (Curv-O-Mark)

    #10 Curv-O-Mark Pipe Flange Aligner Standard Adjustable for pipes and flanges ranging from 3-12” diameter.

    Fast, accurate pipe construction is possible with this self-determining flange aligning tool. The Aligner inserts easily into pipe, centers snugly against the inside pipe diameter and automatically aligns with the pipe axis. The Curv-O-Mark Pipe Flange Aligner is quickly adjustable for all types of flanges or pipe sizes ranging from 3 to 12 in. diameter. #10 Pipe Flange Aligner Std. Note: These aligner are made to align the flanges and will not support up the heavier flanges. 

    • $112.50
  • Dial-Angle Flange Level (Curv O Mark)
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    Dial-Angle Flange Level (Curv O Mark)

    This versatile tool that can be used as a dial degree utility level or, with attachments, for two-holing flange alignment. The unit is made of cast aluminum with a protective housing containing an adjustable (DSL). It is also fitted with a threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units for fastening the Level to a pipe flange. One of the nut and bolt units is stationary, while the other slides up to 5-1/2 in. along a slot in the level to accommodate various flange bolt hole spacings from 2 to 5-1/2 inches. The body of the tool is 1/2-in. thick with a machined surface. The level bubble is protected from weld splatter and breakage with a built-in housing around the DSL #20 Dial-Angle-Flange Level

    • $100.75
  • Flange Aligner Base (Curv O Mark)
    • 8% less

    Flange Aligner Base (Curv O Mark)

    Remove the difficulty of flange aligning and squaring with a simple tool that holds a square in the needed position so you can align the flange face.. The Curv-O-Mark Aligner Base is notched at either end for ease in aligning on the centerline of the pipe and has two 25-pound pull, cast-in magnets for holding either a flat horizontal or vertical position.
    The Base will accept either leg of a standard or combination square and will work on pipe diameters from 1 in. on up, requiring only the extension of the legs of the square being used to accommodate larger diameters.
    Works on pipe from 1” on up. (Square does not come with unit.)

    #32 Flange Aligner Base

    • $118.50
  • Magnetic Flange Aligner Kit (Flange Wizard)
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    Magnetic Flange Aligner Kit (Flange Wizard)

    The Flange Wizard Magnetic Flange Aligner with  OFF/ON 90 lb. magnet which makes setting up easy and keeps the block free from debris. 
    Thickness of the flange is no longer an issue.
    Aligner fits all flanges with holes from 1/2″ to 2″ in diameter with a maximum of 9-3/4″ center to center hole spread.
    Two (2) sizes of Centering Alignment Cones are included:
    Small: flange holes 1/2″ to 1-7/16″ in diameter
    Large: flange holes 1/2″ to 1-15/16″ in diameter

    The New Aligner comes in a compact case for its protection.
    • $160.25