Pipe Tool Kits

Pipe Tool Kits

Sometimes it's just easier to buy a kit with the essential tools you need. We have pipe tool kits by Flange Wizard and Curv-o-Mark. The Curv O Mark set comes with the popular contour marker in standard size and a standard centering head. Take a look at the kit to see what else it has to offer. There are a variety of Flange Wizard pipe tool sets. One comes with the essentials, another with cutting or burning guides, and another with a smaller assortment of tools.

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  • Flange Wizard Pipe Magician
    • 22% less

    Flange Wizard Pipe Magician

    Pipe Magician Case
    A person who works with pipe needs the finest tools available and a way to protect them when not in use.
    The four (4) quality tools in this case are a must when working with pipe.

    Case # 8900 (15″L x 10″W x 3-1/2″ Deep) includes:
    1 - Pipe Flange Aligner F113
    1 - Standard Magnetic Centering Head F118
    1 Pocket Pro Level F122
    1 Small Wizard Wrap F126
    1 - FREE BONUS Vial Repair Kit F193

    • $224.50
  • Flange Wizard Burning Guides Kit
    • 21% less

    Flange Wizard Burning Guides Kit

    Case (15″L x 10″W x 3-1/2″ Deep) includes:
    1 Chariot Cutting Guide (F103 [will cover straight and radius cuts along with hole burning from 5/8″ to 30″ diameter.])
    1 Magnetic Base w/Straight Pin (for larger holes and radii.)
    1 Magnetic Blocks (F105 [great for clamping on squares and straight edges.])
    1 Magnetic Tape Holder (F133 [third hand when working alone.])
    1 FREE BONUS Torch Tip Standoff (F108 [protects torch tip end by controlling the distance from the material.])

    • $175.95
  • Flange Wizard Lil Wiz
    • 21% less

    Flange Wizard Lil Wiz

    This is a great kit for anyone who burns holes (5/8″ to 10″ dia.) in pipe, plate or structural steel.

    Case #8902 (13″L x 8″W x 3″ Deep) includes:
    1 Circle Wiz (F106)
    1 Combo Degree Level (F123 [pocket size, magnetic, with 2-1/2° increments])
    1 Small Magnetic Centering Head (F129 [marks any degree needed around circumference of a bar or pipe])
    1 Magnetic Tape Holder (F133 [third hand when working alone])
    1 Flange Wizard Tools Catalog
    1 FREE BONUS Vial Repair Kit F193

    • $160.75
  • Contour Worker Tool Kit
    • 15% less

    Contour Worker Tool Kit

    Precision curv-o-mark tool set that's easy to use
    Convenient Storage
    Durable and Long-lasting

    T101-#1 Contour Marker
    T107- #7 Centering Head
    T108-#8 Pro Mag Level
    T120-Standard Radius Marker
    T127-Square Soap Stone and Holder and Carrying Case

    • $255.75