Tool Repair

Tool Repair

Sometimes parts get broken, damaged, or just somehow lost. These Tool Repair parts are for replacing parts on some of the Flange Wizard and Curv O Mark pipe tools. Our most common asked for part is the Replacement Dial Level Combination for Curv-O-Mark tools. Though not listed we do carry replacement punches for both Flange Wizard and the Contour Standard Centering Head.

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  • Flange Wizard Vial Repair Kit

    Flange Wizard Vial Repair Kit

    Kit to repair broken vial. in Flange Wizard tools—includes 2 vials and 1 tube of sealant.

    • $10.00
  • Dial & Level Combination R00 (Curv O Mark)
    • 13% less

    Dial & Level Combination R00 (Curv O Mark)

    Replacement parts for all Curv-o-mark or Contour tools with Contour Dial-Set Level (DSL).These tools that can repaired include the Contour Marker, the Jumbo Contour Marker, the Centering Head or Center Finder, the Jumbo Centering head, Dial-Angle Flange level, Pro-mag Level, Universal level, etc.

    • $41.49
  • Handi Hammer (StrongHand Tools)
    • New!
    • 9% less

    Handi Hammer (StrongHand Tools)

    One Steel End for hard surfaces
    One Soft End for non-marring surfaces
    Designed to eliminate bounce back for more impactful hits
    Ideal for use in confined spaces

    • $19.99