Welding Tools

These tools are designed to assist the user or welder by holding parts at various angles so they can be tacked together. The JointMaster Series of clamps gives you options on how you want hold your parts at a 90° angle so they can be joined together. The Grasshopper can help hold loose, light items down like a third hand to free your hands for preparing and joining. Clamp your work down to a 90° Tru Angle so you have no worries while joining them.

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  • 90° Tru Angle (StrongHand Tools)
    • 8% less

    90° Tru Angle (StrongHand Tools)

    Accurate 90° Fixture
    Weld Spatter proof
    High Strength Aluminum Alloy
    Holds: round, square, flat and angled shapes
    Works for inside or outside surfaces

    • $47.75
  • Spring Arm JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)
    • 6% less

    Spring Arm JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)

    Spring Arm JointMaster makes clamping object at 90° angle easy. The spring allows you to pull back the center section so you can get the clamp around the objects easier. A quick way to hold workpieces at 90°
    Capable of holding a 3-axis workpiece by adding a V300
    Wide opening offers unobstructed welding access

    • $33.00
  • Single Handed JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)
    • 9% less

    Single Handed JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)

    It actually means what it says. You can work this clamp with one hand for a perfect 90° angle. 

    Ideal for quick hold and release on metal, wood & synthetic materials
    A "helping hand" to hold stock firmly at right angles while creating or repairing permanent joints
    PL Series comes with 1 pair of pliers

    • $29.00
  • 90 Degree Fixed JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)
    • 10% less

    90 Degree Fixed JointMaster (StrongHand Tools)

    Retractable plate for edge alignment
    V-Grooves for holding round pieces
    Ideal for holding two pieces of different thicknesses that require individual adjustments
    Works for different metals and for woodworking. This comes as a set of Two Pliers and screw on Braces

    • $45.50
  • Adjustable JointMaster Clamps (StrongHand Tools)
    • 9% less

    Adjustable JointMaster Clamps (StrongHand Tools)

    Adjustable clamps  from 30° - 275°
    Adjust to the desired angle & "lock" into position with the handle
    Join round & flat workpieces, or aterials with different thicknesses
    This set comes with two pliers and an adjustable screw on bracket

    Great for woodworking too.

    • $49.75