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If you are going to be excellent at a construction trade, you have to know the rules of math. You won't find a simpler way that it is presented. This book tells what the math is, shows you how to do it, shows you how to use the calculator to do, then how to apply it to your work. It has been used in apprenticeship classes, high school classes, college courses, and by literacy classes. 

This construction math book was nicely reviewed by many fine magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Fine Homebuilding, Journal of Light Construction, Mathematic Teacher, Engineering News Record, American Welding Journal, Library Journal (Starred Review), and Booklist.

Here is a link to see some of those reviews.  Reviews

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This construction math book was reviewed by many fine magazines. Here is a link to see some of those reviews.  Reviews

Publication Date: 1993
Book Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 226
Edition: 1st
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Hamilton

Table of Contents:

 Units of Measurement
 Fractions and Decimals

 Converting Fractions to Another Term
   Reducing Fractions to Their Lowest Term
   Reducing Measuring Fractions to Their Lowest Term
   Increasing Fractions to Their Higher Term
   Converting Fractions to a Common Denominator
 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
  Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  Multiplication of Fractions
  Division of Fractions
  Multiplying and Dividing Fractions by One
 Improper Fractions
  Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions
 Decimal Fractions
  Converting Fractions to Decimals

  Converting Fractions of Inches to Decimals
  Converting Mixed Numbers to Decimals
   Converting a Fraction of a Foot to a Decimal
  Converting Whole Inches to a Decimal of a Foot
  Converting Inches and a Fraction of an Inch to a Decimal of a Foot
 Converting Decimals to Fractions
  Converting a Decimal of an Inch to a Fraction
  Converting Inches with Decimals to Inches and Fractions
  Converting a Decimal of a Foot to Inches and a Fraction of an Inch
 Memory Aid
  Doubling a Measuring Fraction
   Halving a Measuring Fraction
  Halving Mixed Numbers
   Mixed Numbers with an Even Whole Number
   Mixed Numbers with an Odd Whole Number
   Rough Conversions
 Self Test
  Angle Names

  90° Angles
  Crossing and Parallel Lines
  Parallel Lines
  Fractions of Degrees

  Converting Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds to Degrees and Decimals
  Converting Degrees and Decimals to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds
Variables and Constants
Squaring Numbers
 Square Roots
 Right Triangles

   Finding the Length of the Hypotenuse
  Finding the Length of a Leg
  Names of the Sides of a Right Triangle
  Ratio of Sides
  Memory Aid
   Finding the Angles of a Right Triangle
  Using the Arc Function Keys on the Calculator
   Steps to Finding Angles When Two Sides Are Known
   Finding the Angle Using the Functions Table
  Complementary Angle
   Using the Function Keys
   Using the Inverse Key
  Using the Inverse Key with Functions
   Using the Inverse Key with the Arc Functions
   Calculating Right Triangles Using One Side and One Angle
Isosceles Triangles
 Special Triangles

  The 45° Right Triangle
   The Equilateral Triangle
   The 30°-60° Right Triangle
   Using the Diameter to Find the Circumference
   Using the Radius to Find the Circumference
  The Arc as a Fraction of a Circle
   Finding Arc Length Using a Fraction of a Circle
   Finding the Arc Angle Using a Fraction of a Circle
   Concentric Arcs with the Same Angle
  Unit Circle
   Finding the Arc Length Using the Radius and Radians
   Notes on Radians
   Finding the Angle Measurement of a Chord
   Chord Length
Second Module Preface

   Pieces of the Puzzle and Invisible Lines
   Simple Offsets
   Planes and Offset Boxes
   Angle of Turn
   Offset Triangles
   Simple Offset Triangles
  90° Simple Offsets
  45° Simple Offsets
  30° Simple Offsets
  Odd Angle Simple Offsets
   Offset Turns
 Concentric Arcs
   The Take Out or Take Up of Arcs
   Simple Offsets with Arcs

  90° Simple Offsets
   30° and 45° Simple Offsets with Arcs.
  Odd Angle Simple Offsets with Arcs
  Mitered Turns
   Marking Miters Using the Outside Mark Back Measurement
   Marking Miters Using Center Mark Back Measurement
  Offset Turns Using Miters
  Odd Angle Offset Turn
   Mitered Offsets
  Right Triangles
   Isosceles Triangles
   Side of a Cylinder
   Rectangular Prism
   Calculating the Correct Amount of Concrete to Order
   Triangular Prism
Equal Sectors and Regular Polygons
  Equal Sectors
  Marking Equal Sectors
   Regular Polygons
Rolling Offsets
  The Triangle of Roll
  The 45° Rolling Offset
  The 30° Rolling Offset
  The Odd Angle Rolling Offset
  The 90° Rolling Offset
  Steps for Working the Rolling Offset
  Notes about the Angle of Roll
The Metric System
Seeing is Believing
   Fractions of the Ruler
   Perpendicular Lines
   Marking 60°, 30°, and 15° Angles
   Right Triangles
   Marking a 30°-60° Right Triangle
   Marking 45° Right Triangles
   Drawing Right Triangles Using Calculated Lengths
   Finding Degrees On Sloped Objects
  Isosceles Triangle
  Concentric Arcs
   Cutting the 90° Elbow Into 45° Elbows.
 Appendix Functions Table
 Answers to Practices Index

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