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IPT's Industrial Trades Training Manual

IPT's Industrial Trades Training Manual

Table of Contents:

Section 1—Couplings
Rigid Couplings
Rigid Coupling Types
Compression Type Coupling
Ribbed Type Coupling
Flange Face Type Coupling
Threaded Rigid Type Coupling
Flexible Couplings
Types of Misalignment
Mechanical Flexible Types
Jaw and Slider Coupling
Chain Coupling
Roller Chain Coupling
Silent Chain Coupling
Synthetic Chain Coupling
Gear Couplings
Material Flexible Types
Rubber Tire Coupling
Jaw and Spider Coupling
Splined Rubber Coupling
Elastomeric Coupling
Pin and Disc Connector
Pin and Rubber Bushing Coupling
Pin and Biscuit Coupling
Flexible Metal Disc Coupling
Steel Grid Coupling
Universal Joint Types
Single Universal Joint
Double Universal Joint
Centrifugal Coupling
Fluid Coupling
Dry Fluid Coupling
Centrifugal Brake Shoe
Shear Pin Coupling
Floating Shaft Coupling
Spacer Coupling
Section 2—Gears
Gear Terminology
Shafts Parallel Gears
Spur Gears
Rack and Pinion Gears
Helical Gears
Left­Right Hand Gears
Helical Gear Thrust
Double Helical Gears
90 Degree Shafts
Bevel Gear Nomenclature
Straight Bevel Gears
Zerol Bevel Gears
Spiral Bevel Gears
Mitre Gears
Bevel Gear Mountings
Spiral Bevel Gear Hand
Spiral Hand and Thrust
Cross Shafts
Hypoid Gears
Worm Gears
Worm Gear Nomenclature
Hands of Worm Gears
Worm Gear Thrust Loads
Worm Gear Mesh
Self Locking Worm Gears
Planetary Gears
Planetary Gear Systems
Gear Backlash
Proper Backlash
Zero Backlash
Recommended Backlash
Measuring Backlash
Control of Backlash
Gear Material
Steel Gears
Non­Ferrous Gears
Non­Metallic Gears
Gear Lubrication
Section 3— Friction Bearings
Journal Bearing Parts
Bearing Classification
Bearing Operation
Lubricant Film
Oil Grooves
Hydrostatic Bearings
Thrust Bearings
Thrust Clearances
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings
Tilting Pad Clearances
Guide Bearing
Pivot Shoe Bearings
Journal vs Roller Bearings
Journal Bearing Properties
Journal Bearing Materials
Metallic Bearing Materials
Non­metallic Bearing Materials
Babbitting Procedures
Mandrel Preheat
Pouring Babbitt
Babbitting Safety
Journal Bearing Contact Checks
Journal Bearing Scraping
Journal Bearing Clearance
Journal Bearing Shims
Journal Clearance Checks
Journal Bearing Crush
Journal Bearing Torque
Bearing Housing Styles
Journal Bearing Lubrication
Section 4— Rolling Element Bearings
Bearing Parts
Rolling Element Types
Bearing Materials
Bearing Loads
Ball Bearing Types
Roller Bearing Types
Roller Thrust Bearings
Needle Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings
Bearing Designations
Bearing Clearances
Bearing Mounting
Interference Fits
Bearing Heating
Cold Mounting Bearings
Bearing Withdrawal Sleeve
Bearing Adaptor Sleeve
Hydraulic Assist
Bearing Dismounting
Shafts and Housings
Tapered Bearing Assembly
Axial Positioning
Bearing Pillow Blocks
Bearing Failure
Bearing Seals
Bearing Lubrication
Abbreviation Standards
Section 5—Clutches
Clutch Engagement
Mechanical Engagement
Electric Engagement
Hydraulic Engagement
Pneumatic Engagement
Automatic Engagement
Positive Clutches
Friction Clutches
Overrunning Clutches
Magnetic Clutches
Centrifugal Clutches
Clutch Installation
Clutch Maintenance
Section 6—Belt Drives
Belt Drives
Arc of Contact
Crossed Belts
Idler Pulleys
Belt Tension
Belt Friction
Variable Belts
Variable Sheaves
Positive Belts
Positive Pulleys
Positive Idlers
Linked Belts
Flat Belts
V­Belt Sheaves
Sheave Maintenance
Section 7—Chain Drives
Chain Drives
Chain Types
Roller Chain
Detachable Chain
Pintle Chain
Silent Chain
Leaf Chain
Laminated Chain
Chain Drive Factors
Chain Tension
Drive Alignment
Drive Inspection
Chain Breakers
Chain Lubrication
Section 8—Alignment
Shaft Alignment
Dial Indicators
Alignment Devices
Soft Foot
Indicator Bar Sag
Piping Strain
Coupling Runout
Pre-alignment Checks
Alignment Points
Cross Dialing Method
Rim and Face Method
Hot Alignment Methods
Crankshaft Deflection
Shaft Straightening Methods
Section 9—Trade Data Metric Conversion
Chord Chart
Inch to Millimetres
PSI to Kilopascals
Horsepower to Kilowatts
Bolting Torque
Key and Shaft Sizes
Key Set Screw Sizes
Key Seat Sizes
Shaft Diameter Sizes
Shafting Expansion
Shaft Centre Drill Sizes
Drill Point Angles
Drill Speeds and Feeds
Reaming Speeds
Steel Classification
Steel Spark Test
Cutting Speeds
Drill Sizes
Thread Types
Tap Drill Sizes
Metric Bolts

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Pipe Fitter’s and Pipe Welder’s Handbook
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