Pipefitter.com is the central domain of our publishing company, Construction Trades Press, LLC. In 1989, we wrote and published "Pipe Fitter's Math Guide". When calls began to come in from around the country we heard constantly, "Do you know where I can get these other pipefitter books and these pipe fitting tools." We began to gather the pipe fitter books and tools and make them available. In 1995, we got online and we were pretty much the first to do so  in the pipefitting arena. I had to talk the tool manufacturers into letting put their products on our site. They were hesitant back then. I had an easier time with the pipe book publishers since we were always looking for place to sell our pipefitter books. 

Things really changed when we were lucky enough to get the domains, pipefitter.com and pipefitters.com. It was a huge deal when Google came on the scene. Before that moment in time, we were always working trying to get listed on various search engines who were developing their parameters for search. Now with the internet, a pipe fitter could find the pipe fitter books and tools that they had always been looking for as they went around the country on their jobs. In the beginning with everything so new and different, we didn't have much competition. That certainly is not the case any more. 

Pipefitter.com  has kept its focus. We are about the tools and books that pipe fitters, pipe welders, and pipe designers use. 

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