IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook

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Publication Date: 1991 / Revised 2008
Book Size: 3.88 x 5.88
Pages: 534
Edition: 11th
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Lee

Click here for a list of charts and pipe sizes covered in this book.

IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook and Manual – Setting the Standard
Updated in 2006, IPT’s Pipe Trades Handbook and Training Manual combine all the essentials of other reference books, plus so much more. Topics include pipe and tube data, valves, fittings, flanges and gaskets, offsets and calculations—the answers to all your questions. You’ll especially appreciate the pipe layout, piping prints, oxy-acetylene set-up, pipe welding and pipe rigging sections, which are easy to understand, yet extremely detailed.

IPT Pipe Trades Handbook for Training or a Job Site Resource
Clear, concise tables and charts and an updated rigging section makes our Pipes Trades Handbook and Training Manual the standard for pipe trades classroom and job site resources. Turn to IPT every time!

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Table of Contents:

Pipe Manufacturing
Welded Pipe
Seamless Pipe
National & International Standards
API Standard ASTM Standard
AWWA Standard
AS Standard
BS Standard
CSA Standard
DIN Standard
GOST Standard
ISO Standard
JIS Standard
LR Standard
Pipe Properties & Characteristics
Schedule Numbers
General Piping Design
Threading Allowance
Steel Pipe Sizes
Actual & Nominal Pipe Sizes
Steel Pipe (Imperial)
Steel Pipe (Metric)
Pipe Lengths
Pipe End Finish
Pipe Identification
ASTM Marking
API Marking
CSA Marking
Finishing Processes
Galvanized Pipe
Coated Pipe
Wrought Iron Pipe
Corrosion Protective Coatings
Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Pipe Sizes (Imperial)
Stainless Pipe Sizes (Metric)
Copper & Brass Pipe
Copper & Red Brass Pipe Sizes
Cast Iron Pipe
Cast Iron Pressure Pipe
Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Plastic Pipe
Thermoplastic Pipe
Thermoset Pipe
Laminated & Composition Pipe
Plastic Pipe Standards & Ratings
Pressure Ratings (psi)
Pressure Ratings (kPa)
Thermoplastic Temperature Factors
Plastic Selection & Usage
ABS Pipe
PVC Pipe
PE Pipe
PP Pipe
PB Pipe
Solvent Cementing
Threading Plastic Pipe
Grooved Plastic Joints
Flanged Plastic Joints
O-Ring Plastic Joints
Joining RTR Pipe
Tube vs. Pipe
Structural Tube
Mechanical Tube
Pressure Tube
BWG Gage
Aluminum Tube
Copper Tube
Copper Tube Types K-L-M
Copper Color Coding
Copper GP Tube
Steel Tube
Tube Specifications (Imperial)
Tube Specifications (Metric)
Still Tube
Steel GP Tube
Special Application Tube
Bundled Metallic
Special Alloy Tube
Plastic Tube
Tube Bending
Compression Tube Bender
Bending Near Fittings
Recommended Wall Thickness Bending Steps
45 Degree Bending
Bending Length Increase
Swagelok Fitting Installation
Basic Valve Types
Gate Valves
Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Flexible Wedge Gate Valve
Split Wedge Gate Valve
Double Disc Gate Valve
Globe Valves
Angle Body Globe Valve
Y-Pattern Globe Valve
Conventional Disc (Globe Valve)
Plug Disc (Globe Valve)
Composition Disc (Globe Valve)
Needle Valve (Globe Valve)
Check Valves
Swing Check Valve
Lift Check Valve
By-Pass Valves
By-Pass Arrangement
By-Pass Connections 8 Locations Diaphragm Valves
Weir Type Diaphragm Valve
Straightway Diaphragm Valve
Pinch Valves
Air Operated Pinch Valve
Diaphragm Valve Materials
Ball Valves
Reduced Port Ball Valve
Butterfly Valves
Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Plug Valves
Lubricated Plug Valve
Multiport Plug Valve Arrangements Relief & Safety Valves
Valve End Connection Variations
Valve Bonnet Assemblies
Valve Socket Dimensions
Threaded Bonnet
Union Bonnet
Bolted Bonnet
Pressure Seal Bonnet
Welded Bonnet
Clip Type Bonnet
Special Bonnet Designs
Valve Stem Design
Inside Screw Rising Stem
Inside Screw Non-Rising Stem
Outside Screw Rising Stem
Quick Opening Sliding Stem
Valve Identification & Marking
Valve Installation
Valve Dimension Tables
Pipe Fitting Types
Fittings (Elbows)
Fittings (Unions)
Fittings (Couplings)
Fittings (Tees/Wyes/Crosses)
Copper Solder Fittings
Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings
Forged Steel Threaded Fittings
Cast Iron Threaded Fittings
Welded Fittings
Socket Weld Fittings
Butt Weld Fittings
Weld Outlets
Grooved Fitting Joints
Flange Types
Weld Neck Flange
Slip-on Flange
Lap-joint (Van Stone) Flange
Reducing Flange
Socket Weld Flange
Blind Flange
Spectacle Blind Flange
Screwed Flange
Orifice Flanges
Flange Faces
Raised Face
Large Male & Female
Large Tongue & Groove
Flat Face
Ring Joint
Lap Joint
Small Tongue & Groove
Small Male & Female
Small Male & Female Threaded End ASME/ANSI Flanges/ Flange Markings
Flange Data (Class 150/125)
Flange Data (Class 300/250)
Flange Data (Class 400)
Flange Data (Class 600)
Flange Data (Class 900)
Flange Data (Class 1500)
Flange Data (Class 2500)
Flange Gaskets
Metallic Ring Gaskets
Full Face & Flat Ring Gaskets
Gasket Materials
Gasket Design Configurations
Flat Gaskets
Reinforced & Multi-Ply Gaskets
Corrugated Metal Gaskets
Spiral Wound Gasket (Flexatallic)
Metal Jacket Gasket
Serrated Gasket
Metal Ring Gasket
Cutting Gaskets
Bolt Hole Layout
Angle or Degree Method
Chord Chart Method
Flange Bolting Specifications
Bolting Cast Iron Flanges
Bolt Size & Length
Wrench Size
Offset Terms
Offset Calculation Methods
Constant Multiplier Calculation
Trigonometry Offset Calculation
Fining Allowance
Calculating 45 Degree Offsets
Calculating Rise, Run, Travel
Equal Spread 2 Pipe Offsets
Calculating Equal Spread Lengths
Tangent to Find Spread Length
Equal Spread 90 Degree Turn
Rolling Offset Calculation
Steel Square Calculation
Triangle Method Calculation
Offsets Around Square Corners Offsets Around Circular Objects
Pipe Runs Around Tanks
Right Angle Triangles
Pythagorean Formula
Right Angle Triangle Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometry Formulas
Trigonometry Tables
Fabricated Fittings(Elbows)
Establishing Centerlines on Pipe
Pipe Wrap-Around
Sectoring Pipe
Mitered Turns
2 Piece Miter
Cut Angle of Miter
Factor of the Cut Angle
Cut Back Distance
Multi Piece 90 Degree Miters
Ordinate Lines
Multiple Ordinate Lines,
Layout 16 Division Two Piece Miter Tee Layout- Saddle In (Simplified)
Tee Layout - Saddle On (Simplified)
Lateral Layout (Simplified)
Orange Peel Cap
True Wye Layout (Simplified)
Template Layout
Miter Turn Templates
45 Degree Lateral Template
Tee Template Development
Wye Template Development
Lines on Prints
Line Description & Function
Piping Line Symbols
Section Line Symbols
Single or Double Line Drawings
Line Identification Numbers
Standard Piping Symbols
Piping Notes & Specifications
Piping Abbreviations
Reading Scale Drawings
Development of Pipe Drawings
Schematic Diagram
Flow Diagram
P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation)
Orthographic Projection
Dimensions, Elevation & Coordinates
Pictorial Pipe Drawing
Isometric Pipe Drawing
Isometric Dimensioning
Spool Drawings
Bill of Material
Double Line Orthographic Spool
Single Line Orthographic Spool
Welding Safety
Hazardous Environment Tips
Safe Clothing
Welding Lenses
Arc Flash
Welding Ventilation
Fire Prevention
Oxy-Acetylene Safety
Oxygen & Cylinders
Acetylene & Cylinders
Oxy-Acetylene Safe Set-up
Lighting a Cutting Torch
Shutting Down the Equipment
Balancing a Welding Torch
Types of Flames
Cutting Torch Tip Alignment
Welding Symbols
Groove & Fillet Weld Positions
Pipe Test Coupons
Pipe Coupon Root Pass Variables Polarity Check
Welding Electrodes
Electrode Identification
Mild Steel Electrodes
Stainless Steel Electrodes
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
GTAW (Tig) Machines
GTAW (Tig) Torches & Electrodes GTAW (Tig) Procedures
Pipe or Tube Purging
Preheat For Welding
Pipe Preparation & Alignment
Joint Assembly Methods
Backing Rings
Joint Assembly Tacking
Tee to Pipe Fit-Up
Pipe Alignment With Two Squares
Pipe to 90 Degree Elbow
90 Degree Elbow Fit-up
45 Degree Elbow Fit-up
Pipe to Flange Fit-up
Small Diameter Pipe Jig
Fibber Rope
Safety Factors
Rope Breaking Strength Reductions
Rope Safe Working Loads
Bowline/Bowline on the Bight
Self Centering Bowline
Barrel Hitch/Reef Knot
Catspaw/Clove Hitch
Becket Hitch/Timber Hitch/Stop Hitch Double Half Hitch/Pipe Hitch
Knot, Bend, Hitch Strength Reduction Wire Rope
Regular Lay/Lang Lay
Strand Classifications
Wire Rope Safe Working Load (SWL)
Wire Rope Breaking Strength
Rule of Thumb Formulas
Winding wire Rope on a Drum
Wire Rope Clips (Number/Spacing) Shackles/Safe Use Tips
Hooks/Safe Use Tips
Turnbuckles/Safe Working Loads
Eye Bolts/Safe Use Tips
Spreader Beams
Sheaves/Safe Use Tips
Snatch Blocks/Safe Use Tips
Slings & Chokers
Sling SWL/Types
Basket Hitch/Choker Hitch
Synthetic Slings
Synthetic Web Slings
Synthetic Roundslings
Sling Lifting Angle
Recommended Lifting Angle
Sling Leg Stress
Centering a Load
Edge Softeners
Sling Safe Working Load Chart
Mobile & Crawler Set-Up Summary Load Pick & Carry
Powerline Clearances
Powerline Limit of Approach
After Powerline Contact
Crane & Hoist Signals
Appendices Index
General Jobsite Safety
Safety & Accident Prevention
Safe Use of Ladders
Safe Use of Scaffolds
Trenching Safety
Confined Space Entry
Dust & Fibre Hazards
Hazardous Piping Identification
Steam Trap Selection
Steam Trap Sizing/Condensate
Temperature Conversion
Pipe Hangers
Metal Properties
Twist Drills/Tap Drill Sizes
Pipe Tap Sizes
Decimal Equivalents
Math Formulas
Imperial-Metric Equivalents
Swagelok Designations
Swagelok Fittings

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  • Author
    Robert A Lee
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